Data is stored and presented consistently regardless of origin, and completely eliminate the burden of cleansing data from your front-office staff. The techniques for replicating index performance are supported beautifully in the Ryedale Platform.

Who is this solution for?

Large Asset Managers looking for specialist indexing functions which are missing in their existing core systems for equity and fixed-income funds.

Firms that have implemented Aladdin or Charles River and recognize that indexing is under-served by those platforms.

Smaller Asset Managers whose strategies are index or model-portfolio driven, looking for a core operating platform for the investment function.

Solution capabilities

Ryedale’s investment management platform is cloud-hosted and engineered to today’s software standards. Comparable features are missing in every other portfolio management system we know.

As an end-to-end portfolio management solution, Ryedale enables organizations to:

  • Monitor funds against their benchmarks easily.
  • Produce risk-balanced trades that ensure funds track tightly  - whilst being light on T-cost.
  • Manage index reviews clearly and with confidence.
  • Deal with ‘substitute’ names, e.g. ADRs used instead of index constituents.
  • Project cash and equitize with futures.

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