Working alongside the asset allocation and portfolio management modules, Ryedale's Transition Management organizes the buys and sells across multiple accounts, eliminating the ‘cross’, transferring securities at the custodian, and managing the completion of the residual trade on the open market.

Who is this solution for?

Institutions wishing to take close control of the transition management or portfolio restructuring process.

Solution capabilities

Ryedale's Transitions Management module provides:

  • List Manager: a function for maintaining the lists of positions  - required in the initial portfolio by new accounts.
  • Matching: calculates the ‘cross’ between delivery lists and requirement lists.
  • Transfers: manages custodian communications concerning inter-account transfers of securities and value.
  • Trade Orders: manages market trading of the residual, with reporting concerning completion and trading cost.
  • Trading Cost Analysis: get a view of the cost of restructuring the portfolio, split by various criteria.

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